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Our Story



When we first came to Panama, just at 3 years ago, we were attracted to Pedasi by one of the web sites we found advertising beachfront living.  We live on the beach in Florida, but were looking for another adventure.  My wife and I spent just 7 hours in Pedasi during that first trip, toured both beachfront developments, and concluded in that time that the beach was too isolated for us, but that the town could be a home run. 


John and Mary also live on the water in Florida, but they too were taken by the openness, friendlinesss, and classic beauty of the people and architecture of Pedasi.  After a few trips we decided to look for a house to buy.  Three years ago, as now, there weren't many homes for sale.  You can buy land, some with utilities and some with promises, but not many homes (other than a few fixer uppers) are for sale.   In 8 more trips in the next 12 months, the four of us spent a lot of time searching out potential homes and homesites for sale.  We looked at everything.


Eventually we got lucky and found a home, just down from the square, that had been owned and improved by a Canadian couple.  Our small house, affectionately referred to as the "birdcage" is right in the heart of town (chickens, dogs, kids, roosters and all).



Home for sale and rent in Pedasi, houses for sale in Pedasi
home for sale in Pedasi, home for rent in Pdeasi, house for sale in Pedasi, House for rent in Pedasi


Things move more slowly here, much like Key West in the good old days.  There's a party at the drop of a hat, and the locals and expats integrate like no other place I've seen.  We're working on the language (I've found I do my best learning sitting with Yadira (the bartender/owner) at Campos Eleyseos, the oldest cantina in Pedasi!) but it comes slower at 64 than it would have at an earlier age. 


Everything is just a walk away.  Forgot to pick up eggs in Las Tablas; no problem they're fresh at the tienda around the corner.  Not too excited about making lunch; just stop in at any of the excellent fondas for a hearty meal for under $3.00.  Two hardware stores, a bakery, plenty of restaraunts, two gas stations, several churches, the school, cantinas,and more new friends than you can wave at are all located withing a short walk from home.  And the beaches?  Well, pick a road out of twon and you'll be "toes in the water" in 3 to 5 minutes.


Google "Living in Panama" and you'll have enough reading material to last a lifetime.  Questions and opinions are all over the map.  So, humor me while I add to your reading material.  For me, the rules of the road for having a great time here are these:

  • Learn the language (even if you're horrible at it as I am, try)

  • Involve yourself with the people who live here, and not just the expats

  • Don't try to fix or improve anything.  The folks here have been getting along quite nicely since long before Panama was a separate country.  Enjoy their friendly, slow, easy ways.

  • Eat, and drink, at the local fondas and cantinas.  Sure, it's fine to stop in at Smiley's, especially on Tuesday and Friday nights when the band is playing and the expats come to congregate, but go out of your way to experience the local flavors and colors to be found only in the local establishments.

  • Get used to the the chickens and roosters.  Let the dogs and cats do what they do.  Complaining won't accomplish a thing, and its bad for your blood pressure.

  • Take advantage of the local fiestas.  They are varied and many and always involve a really good time.  Who knows.  Maybe you'll be invited, as I was, to be the Abanderado!!


Getting the most out of Pedasi

Home for sale and rent in Pedasi, houses for sale in Pedasi
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