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A Panama Multiple Listing Service?

Tom Gibbs May 2013


I've stumbled on an interesting extension of the popular web site Shopperty that could go a long way toward making the real estate market in Panama more transparent.  It's simply an extension of Shopperty dedicated to real estate, and further restricted to Panama.  The site lists homes, land and rentals and allows owners or real estate agents to list property that can be easily searched by potential buyers.  The site is easy to use, both for buyers and sellers.  Check it out at the link below.

The Happiest Place....
Tom Gibbs January 2013

Disney World markets itself as the Happiest Place on Earth, but here's some exciting news.  Panama is officially the Happiest Country in the World!!  Imagine what could happen with a new Disney Property in Panama. 


All kidding aside, Gallup has made official what many of us have felt for a long time.  Their 2012 survey of actual residents of says that PAnamanians have the most positive emotions of any people in any country on earth.  You can read Tom Brymer's article about this survey at this link.


If you've visited Panama lately, this may explain the sense of happiness you feel when you're here.  If you haven't visited, yet, hurry up.  It's like experiencing the "happiness" of Disney but on a country-wide scale.


Splurging, on a budget.

Tom Gibbs June 2013

There's an interesting article, reprinted by Tom Brymer in his Panama Perspective newsletter, that places Panama City as number three from the bottom in most expensive cities in which to visit.  At the top are Tokyo, Osaka and Sydney and at the bottom are cities in Iran and Saudi Arabia and then Panama City.

While we don't spend much time in the city, it is apparent that the low cost character of the city has spread out throughout the rest of the country.  In Panama you can have it all, and at a budget price! Click this link to read the whole article.

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